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PHOTO: Brynn and Nic's wedding

June 17th was a wonderful day for Brynn & Nic's wedding. The day started off with some clouds but quickly moved into full sunshine and blue skies. The ceremony and reception was all held at the Macatawa Legends Country Club in Holland, Michigan.

When I arrived the groom was hanging out with his groomsmen relaxing and preparing for the day to come. Brynn arrived later, getting herself ready with all her bridesmaids. It was lots of fun bouncing back and forth from one end of the club house to the other end, taking pictures of both of them as they prepared for the ceremony. Brynn's energy and happiness was seen in the pictures. Nic I could tell was excited but reserved and calm.

The Ceremony was full of sunshine with lots of family and friends enjoying the Michigan blue skies. The family and friends that surrounded them at the ceremony could tell how happy the two of them were as they finally saw each other for the first time that day. Once the ceremony finished we proceeded with some wedding party pictures. All of the newlyweds friends and family had a great time enjoying the cocktail hour while we were taking pictures.

As the receptions started we had some great speeches, with wonderful stories and memories from each of their lives and their lives together. Once dinner finished we moved into a different room for dancing, the bride and groom both had very loving dances with each of their parents. Once the formal dances were finished, i stole the couple for a few more pictures as the sun went down. My favorite picture of the night was captured then. We moved back over to the ceremony site and their trellis was still up, so I asked them to hold each other underneath it. I did have to say anymore than that as you can see from the pictures.

Once we finished outside I went inside to capture the fun and joyous atmosphere on the dance floor. It's always a pleasure to serve a couple on their most important days and after finishing the pictures and hearing back from them I know that I accomplished my goal. Most of all I hope you can get a taste for how their wedding day went through the pictures and the emotions that were felt. We will have more of these too come, so be on the lookout!. Cheers!


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