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PHOTO: Julie and Steve's wedding

August 4th was the day Julie & Steve planned to have an intimate beach ceremony on the shores of Lake Michigan before heading to the St. Joseph staple Shadowland Ballroom for their reception. What they couldn't plan on was the weather. The morning started out rainy and very very windy. Let's just say I'm very grateful my cameras are weather sealed so I was good to go! I could tell everyone was a little anxious about the weather. The bride and groom themselves, did not let it get to them though. They were determined to continue despite the weather. With 5 foot plus waves raging behind them on lake Michigan, the scene was set for an once in a lifetime ceremony. As luck would have it, though the wind blew ferociously, the rain held off of until just after there ceremony finished. With a new sense of bonding after the tumultuous weather in the ceremony everyone treated the weather as after thought and were so happy for the newlywed couple. After that we would come to the Shadow lands ballroom for a wonderful reception filled with lots of friends and family socializing. During the reception Julie & Steve venture back out to the lake for a few more pictures. These two have a wedding they will remember for a lifetime. We are very thankful we were asked to capture their wedding through the art of photography.