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PHOTO: DJ and Joe's wedding

DJ and Joe's wedding took place on September 18, 2016 and was captured by LOE in both still and motion photography! Our crew arrived early in the morning to the home the bridal party was getting prepared at. DJ and Joe were careful not to to see each other as each prepared themselves for the first look! Taking the couple out to the corn field was an ideal location for Joe to view his soon to be bride for the first time in her wedding dress! Then we headed on over to the ceremony and reception site, a unique venue located on a small inland lake. The decorations were all set out with great care and captured accordingly. A beautiful day provided a warm and positive atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy the ceremony on the sunday morning. After the vows and the couple was announced husband and wife, the guests enjoyed cocktails while we took care of some formal group shots under the shade of a gorgeous willow. Introductions, first dance and cake cutting preceded the many beautiful words spoken by friends and family during toasts. After a delicious sunday brunch, dancing continued with the mother/son and father/daughter formals. After which everyone came out on the dance floor and danced the afternoon away! We wrapped up the shoot in the late afternoon with a few more awesome shots of the couple around the venue! All in all DJ and Joe's wedding was a perfect match for our crew and was a highlight of the 2016 wedding season! Can't wait to see the film come together!

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