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PHOTO: Abby and Jon's wedding

Abby and Jon's November 5th wedding was captured by LOE in both still and motion photography. Our crew Jared, Nic and Stacey started the day out early in the morning as Abby and her girls and Jon with the fellas were getting ready. Abby's dress and style was simply both beautiful and elegant and Jon cleaned up handsomely (looking an awful lot like Taylor Lautner haha). After an emotional first look with Abby's Father we headed on over to the church where the ceremony was to be held. A gorgeous fall day with clear skies and warm temperatures made the occasion even better! After a traditional mass we took the bridal party around Notre Dame's campus for some fun group shots and some intimate portraits with the couple. Arriving back in time to enjoy cocktail hour the rest of the night continued with an awesome set of speeches, traditional dances and one of the top 3 live bands we have ever seen with a group of dancers to match! So much fun! Wish we could go back! Oh well! The film is the next best thing to actually re-living the day and we are looking forward to creating the final edits!

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