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PHOTO + FILM: Katie and Shane's wedding

It was mid July and not a cloud in the sky over St. Louis, MO when we rolled into town all the way from Grand Haven, MI. This was a weekend we had been looking forward to for a long time and we knew going in it would be an awesome opportunity for us to capture Katie and Shane’s wedding in both still and motion photography. We were especially nervous traveling so far for a wedding, but the challenge was exciting! It was really nice to show up the day before the wedding to attend rehearsal and then dinner, so we could get to know everybody a bit better before the wedding. We could tell after meeting the group, it was going to be a fun day!

The morning of we headed on over to the hotel where the bridal party was getting ready and captured the prep. As usual there were a million moving parts between the groomsmen, bridesmaids, friends and family, but we pulled it all together by noon with a first look before heading downtown for some photo ops with the Gateway Arch! What an incredible monument for those who have never seen it in person! It’s huge!!! Even though the arch was undergoing some construction, we were still able to get some awesome shots! After downtown, it was time to boogie on back to the World's Fair Pavilion to set up for the ceremony.

A close friend officiated their service and really helped make it personal for the couple. After the ceremony was a well deserved cocktail and refreshment hour for our wedding attendants. After some energetic introductions and rousing toasts, dinner was served. But when Katie and Shane took the dance floor all eyes were on the newlyweds! Holy cow could these two dance! Needless to say the rest of the night was an epic party that supplied us with great images captured in both still and motion!

All in all, these two had star quality that shined brightly in their film and photos and we can tell their wedding was everything it was meant to be. It is an honor that Katie and Shane felt our style and way of telling a story was worth importing us from Michigan.

I will always remember taking a moment as the sun finally sank out of sight to reflect upon where we started out just 5 years before. I could tell then for us, the memory of this day would become a milestone for our company. If only we could revisit moments in time, rather than places in space....oh well, the film is the next best thing! photography by: Nic Film shot by: Jared & Derek Edited by: Jared & David

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