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PHOTO: Mike and Lauryn's wedding

Mike and Lauryn were married on the 22nd of April 2017. The images, the sounds, the emotions and the story were all captured by Life on Earth p in both still and motion (film) photography. The U of M alumni met at their Alta mater and so it was most fitting to use the Universities unbelievably gorgeous campus in Ann Arbor, MI as a back drop for their wedding day. The morning started off at where Mike and the groomsmen were getting dressed. Mike looking surprisingly regal in the images for how jovial he was in person! After the fellas we headed on out to where the girls were getting ready. Lauryn had a simple and timeless dress chosen to wear on her wedding day. After that we zipped on over to the campus for the first look! The joy Mike had in his eyes when he saw her was so obvious! After a few portraits with the couple we then headed to the church to get hitched. Look at the pride in Mike's eyes as he watched his bride come down the isle! Great shot Nic! After the service we went back to U of M to do some more bridal party and couple portraits. To make things extra interesting, we had to work around the campus wide "March for Science" protests haha. The protesters cheered and saluted our newlywed couple everywhere we went! The reception included some heartfelt toasts, live music, and lots of dancing! These photos here are just a small taste of the 500+ Nic captured throughout the day and the much anticipated film is eagerly awaiting to tell their story!

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