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FILM: Ashley and Andy's wedding

June 25, 2016 Perfect weather, Notre Dame's campus, beautiful decor, and an awesome group family & friends. The only thing that could outshine the setting was the love between Ashley and Andy. Already very accomplished as individuals, when they met on campus, they almost instantly knew they had each found their other half.

The day started with the girls getting ready at Ashley's parent's home and the gentlemen at the campus hotel. When we first walked in, the excitement was contagious. The girls looking gorgeous in their pink dresses and the guys cleaned up well in black tuxes. The day proceeded through the ceremony with an eloquent service by Pastor Steve at Christ the King church in South bend, IN.

It goes without saying the bridal party was a lively bunch on the party bus! The reception continued with the introductions, first dance and one of the best Father of the bride speeches we've ever heard! He gave so much great material for us to work with when telling their story in the edit. Bravo sir!

As the night unfolded, the energy only grew as the dance floor was full of both young and old alike! As our shoot came to a close, the real work of post production began. Ashley and Andy patiently waited for the extensive process that is film editing, we knew it would be well worth the wait! Once they had a chance to view the Cinematic short film their response was very rewarding to hear after all our hard work! "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what else to say. You have captured our day so perfectly. We are at a loss for words. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" - Ashley + Andy Their film was equally well received by their family and friends on facebook and was viewed over 1000 times in just 24 hours! Thank you Ashley and Andy for the opportunity to do what LOE love's most on Earth! Storytelling. Photos are taken from video footage

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