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  • What is "no worries on time"?"
    For many couples 8 hours will suffice to get everything we need to make a compelling album or film. However, one size does not fit all. “No worries” time will make sure we get everything we need to make the film or photos complete regardless of how long it takes. Though the total duration of attendance will remain at our discretion.
  • How far do you travel?
    We are willing to travel anywhere in the world and calculate travel fees on a project to project basis.
  • What is your payment schedule like?
    We require a $500 retainer to hold a date, half the total balance (retainer included in this first half) before the date of the wedding and the second half of the total will be due once the editing is completed, but before delivery of the final product.
  • Is the retainer refundable?
    As with most vendors our retainer is non-refundable in most circumstances as we will be turning away other clients once you have the date. However, we do make exceptions at our sole discretion.
  • What kind of payment methods do you accept?
    We can accept all major credit/debit cards through electronic invoicing with a 3% fee charged by electronic payment services Checks, money orders or cash are also accepted (and preferred so no one has to pay those pesky fees!)
  • How long will it take to receive our media?
    Photos generally take from 1 to 3 months and the films can take up to 5 -6 months to be completed. If your date is later in the season wait times will be longer than dates earlier in the season.
  • Who will be filming or photographing our wedding?
    Jared and Braeden are both capable of leading video shoots and Nic is our primary photographer. The second shooters are determined by schedule availability. We have filmed, photographed, and edited well over 300 weddings in 8 years.
  • Do we seat you at a table for dinner?
    While we do not require seating at a table, dinner is always very much appreciated since we do not have time to get food during the day as we are always on our toes looking to capture the moments!
  • What is the Narrative style edit?
    The Narrative edit is a 5-8 minute movie quality representation of your wedding day and puts emphasis on storytelling rather than coverage. This product is the most complete and emotional way of preserving your wedding day and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. It may seem ironic but substantially more time and thought goes into the edit of our short films than the much longer Day of Montage or traditional wedding video.
  • What is the "20-30 minute Music Video Edit"?"
    The music video styled edit is all the hundreds of individual clips and moments edited to music in chronological order. It is a 20-25 minute video that highlights the whole day from start to finish. It is different from the Narrative style edit in that it uses far more of the video footage but it does not utilize the dialogue from the day.
  • How is the music selected for the videos?
    Good question! We need to be able to license or have permission to use a song in an edit. This means that most mainstream music will not be available for use in your wedding film, but there is still plenty of great mainstream + indie options available through the annual premium memberships we keep with
  • Do you have aerial cameras and are you a licensed drone pilot?
    Yes! We love us some epic aerial shots! Jared is a certified remote "Pilot in Command" ensuring use of the camera drones are not only safe but legal.
  • How do you capture the audio from the ceremony/reception?
    For the ceremony we will mic the groom and officiant with a pocket recording lapel mic as well as get sound off the venue’s board (if applicable). For the reception toasts we will get sound of your DJ’s board and mic the speaker as a back up.


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